"When Peter was little he made a very big feather collection which we used to make prints. It is pretty funny to see Timothy, who is 2, pick up a chicken. He will grab it by the tail and when it starts flapping its wings and squawking he will pick it up. If it gets away, he will run after it and do it all over again" —Ruth"
"We love our chickens. Their feathers are all shapes and sizes and are great for nail-tipped arrow flights and also prints. We play with them in the summer and gather their feathers in the fall. The chickens are constantly on the alert for attacks from foxes, owls, hawks, and raccoons. Right now we have two chickens: Smoky and Pigeon, who is commonly called 'Pidge.' Their food provides a good source of nutrients for ground hogs."  —Clement
The work
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